Our fire protection designs are entirely computer integrated between AutoCAD files, hydraulic calculations and fabrication/material sheets. Our 2D system design can easily be converted into a 3D Model and integrated into NavisWorks for a 3D BIM coordination with other trades.

Sandy Hook Elementary School, Sandy Hook, Connecticut


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  1. Preparation of computer-based, code compliant fire sprinkler shop drawings
  2. Preparation of fire protection system contract documents and specification
  3. Site inspections and detailed field work
  4. Hydrant flow testing and water supply assessment
  5. Analysis of existing fire protection systems for code compliance
  6. Clean agent system design
  7. Integrated computer generated hydraulic calculations
  8. Coordination with other MEP trades
  9. Integrated computer generated stock lists and fabrication sheets
  10. Fire pump design
  11. System designs for:​
  12. Standpipes
  13. Commercial Sprinkler Systems
  14. Residential Sprinkler Systems